The Long Voyage:
From Pigtails and Coolies to the New Canadian Mosaic

Government introduction on our Project(Item 8th)

The Chinese Neighbourhood Society (CNS)/Amitie Chinoise de Montreal (ACM) , the Phoenix Academy of the Arts, ACCA would like to educate individuals, in particular children ages 8 to 16, and raise awareness about Chinese-Canadian history by developing an interactive multimedia learning platform that will be distributed in DVD format and accessible online in English, French, Mandarin and Cantonese.

The platform is an instant response, personalized learning system built upon an integrated gaming and learning environment. It has have different levels of challenge and will use a combination of text, audio, video and graphic images.

Designed to be fun, exciting and educationally stimulating, it can raise awareness, educate and test individuals on the history of Chinese communities in Canada. In addition, a collection of video interviews and written articles from the descendants of Head Tax payers will be developed in DVD format and made available online for download from CNS’s website, also available in four languages.

The digitized stories will be shared with the University of British Columbia which is developing a comprehensive Chinese Head Tax portal under a separate agreement with CHRP. The portal will house materials developed with CHRP funding related to the Chinese Head Tax, the redress movement, and the contributions of Chinese-Canadians to building Canada.