Chinese Neighbourhood Society – Amitié chinoise de Montréal (ACM)
Asian Canadian Community Empowerment and Support Services (ACCESS)

ACM reached a milestone when it celebrated its 30th anniversary of incorporation on August 28th 2009, as a non-profit, charitable, community organization serving Montreal and Quebec Chinese Canadians. Among its better remembered accomplishments are: the efforts to spearhead the Chinese Head Tax (CHT) Redress movement in Montreal since 1982, together with our compatriots all across Canada, led to the 2006 CHT redress being proclaimed by the Right Honourable Stephen Harper, Prime Minister of Canada, on behalf of the Government of Canada; the first “Montreal International Chinese Film Festival” in 1987; the first “Community Conference on the prevention of Aids” in 1994; the first “Montreal Chinese Youth Music Festival” in 1999.

It all started in the summer of 1976 when a group of McGill and Concordia students teamed up with young professionals of many cultures for a common cause. With a sense of responsibility, sacrifice and devotion, their eyes were focused on the future; leading to the founding of ACM as a non-profit community organization in 1979 to better integrate Chinese immigrants into the mainstream society. Initially, they set up English and French classes at the local YMCA for these new Chinese immigrants to improve their communication skills.

More mundane, job-related workshops such as industrial sewing, professional cooking and pastry-making were added in the 1980s in order to help new immigrants to establish into their new home. Additional immigrant support activities also included citizenship workshops; programs to promote civic participation; accompanying clients to various government/professional/medical/legal consultations and organizing bus tours to surrounding major venues, such as to the Parliament of Canada and the Quebec National Assembly.

Filled with the passion of altruism and the desire to defend the meek, ACM envisioned a home where immigrants from different lands and cultures can join together under the same roof for mutual support and friendship. Guided with the principle of helping immigrants to achieve a better life, ACM organized numerous programs and activities over the years to foster their integration into the Canadian intercultural mosaic.

This vision of a tolerant, more open-minded intercultural society led to the foundation of the Centre d’éducation and development interculturel (CEDI) in 1999, as an affiliate company of ACM to further expand its services and project scopes into a geographically wider, multicultural clientele beyond the settlement of new immigrants, the Chinese Canadian Community and the Montreal region. Nowadays, in addition to supporting immigrants of all origins and cultures, the organization manages projects on a nationwide scope, solidly anchoring in its traditions of volunteerism, empowerment and working hand-in hand with others to fight inequality.

Our network has further expanded across Canada as a result of our recently concluded 3-year (2008-2011) project entitled “Chinese Canadian Education Savings Outreach Program” (CCESOP) funded in part by Human Resources and Skill Development Canada (HRSDC)”. An unbiased, convivial, candid, lingual-adapted outreach and support program to assist Chinese Canadian families to learn and build a core understanding of RESP, to plan and save for their children’s post-secondary education with the help of various government education savings incentives, while acting as an neutral one-stop unbiased reference and support solution to help these families open an RESP account.

With the CCESOP nationwide mandate to educate Chinese Canadians and immigrants, from Montreal and Toronto, to Calgary and Vancouver, the project propels the natural growth of our organization to a national level, inspiring a much larger vision, leadership and outreach support for ACM and its affiliates as an group, that the next 30 years will mean the further empowerment of the Chinese and Asian Canadian communities from coast to coast.

An upcoming project is “Play & Learn” – An interactive, multimedia, teaching accompaniment tool and E-learning program about the more than 130-year experiences of Chinese migration in Canada and the “Chinese Head Tax” will provided our new national organization with the financial management skill and national network …

Phoenix Academy of the Arts is a non-profit learning institution of performing arts (Chinese dance and music) and visual arts (fine arts). We focus on providing unique first class training programs on Chinese dance, music and fine arts for all ages. We promote cultural awareness and appreciation of traditional arts through performances, exhibits, exchange programs, workshops,   publications, and various productions. Our dance group and accomplished musicians perform all year around at various events and activities for diverse communities, organizations and festivals.

Asian Canadian Community Association (ACCA) is a community-based nonprofit organization dedicated to:

Promote and support the integration of immigrants into the Canadian society;

Assure that immigrants have the opportunity to participate fully, both as contributors to and beneficiaries of the Canadian community;

Foster the culture exchange between the West and East.

ACCA aims to empower immigrants to make a difference in their new home of Canada.