1 Global Gathering Place

Global Gathering Place, is an interactive site that let’s you explore the story of our diversity in Canada. For 7-12 Grade Students. The “Exhibition” Consists a photo Exhibition of Chinese Canadian Women’s early years in Canada ” But women did come”. And the picture book “The Story of Jean Lumb”

2 Chinese Canadian Genealogy

3 CBC Video Series Digital Archives  (Immigration)

4 Chinese Canadian Historical Society of British Columbia

“Registered under the Society Act of B.C. on May 18, 2004, the Chinese Canadian Historical Society of British Columbia (CCHSBC) is a broadly based membership society with educational goals. Our main objective is to bring out the untold history of ethnic Chinese within the history of British Columbia. We achieve this through sustained efforts at document preservation, research, family and oral history promotion, public education programs, an active website, and many other initiatives.

5 Multicultural Canada

RE the chronological images of Chinese Canadians, a more in-depth timeline was found here, provided by a Calgary Prof.Dated back to 1788, the earliest settlement in B.C., the demographic, occupational traits of Chinese community in Canada has been through substantial change. Modifying a previous simplistic assumption of Chinese Canadian history (i.e.,railway builder, head tax,exclusion act, recognition), this introduction provides 28 subtitles, covering significant periods and key historic events. A Concise source of Timeline.

6 Historical Chinese Language Materials in British Columbia (An Electronic Inventory)

7 The Chinese Experience in British Columbia: 1850-1950 (UBC)

8 Chinese Canadians (Wikipedia)

9 History of Chinese Canadians (Wikipedia)

10 List of Notable Chinese Canadians (Wikipedia)

11 The kids book of Canadian Immigrant–A chapter on Chinese Canadian

12 My Chinatown: one year in poem-Chinatown via a child’s eye

13 An Ocean Apart: the gold mountain dairy of Chin Mei-ling

14 Paper Shadows: a Chinatown childhood
Wayson Choi    Memoir

15 West Coast Chinese Boy
Sing Lim–First person narration of a child life in BC

16 Spirit of the Dragon
Arlene Chan–Bio of Jean Lumb

17 Struggle and Hope
Paul Yee–General History for youth reader

18 Coming to gum san : the story of Chinese Canadians

19 Blood and Iron–building the railway
Paul Yee

20 Tong: the story of louie Tong, Vancouver’s quiet Titan
Bio of a successful bizman and public figure

21 Saltwater City: an illustrated history of the Chinese in Vancouver
Paul Yee

22 Chinatown: an illustrated history of the Chinese communities of Victoria
Paul Yee

23 Chinese in Canada, Second Edition
Peter .S. Li

24 Chinese Canadian: voices from a community
Evelyn Huang with  Lawrence

25 Enduring Hardship: the Chinese laundry in Canada
Ban Seng Hoe

26 Portraits of a Challenge: an illustrated history of Chinese Canadians
Lee Wai Man

27 In a strange land: a pictorial record of the Chinese in Canada 1788-1923
Richard Thomas Wright

28 The Dragon and the Maple leaf: Chinese Canadian in world war 2
Marjorie Wong

29 Canadian steel, Chinese grit : a tribute to the Chinese who worked on Canada’s railroads more than a century ago

30 Gold Mountain
Ling ZHANG Historic Fiction

31 China dog : and other tales from a Chinese laundry
Judy Fong Bates    Short Stories

32 China dog and other stories 1st Emblem ed.
Judy Fong Bates    Short Stories

33 The Chinese in Toronto from 1878 : from outside to inside the circle
Chan, Arlene

34 Eating Chinese : culture on the menu in small town Canada
Cho, Lily

35 Chinese from FC Museum

36 Documentary DVD: I Am The Canadian Delegate
Wesley Lowe 2007

37 Film 2009:  Iron Road

38 The Story of the Canadian Pacific Railway
Made by 2006 Canadian Pacific Railway

39 Way of the Bachelor, The: Early Chinese Settlement in Manitoba
Alison R. Marshall

40 Manuscript on Chinese Canadian History
Alison R. Marshall

41 The Kid Book of Canada’s Railway
Deborah Hodge

42 The Kid Book of Great Canadians
Elizabeth MacLeod & John Mantha

43 The book of Virtues
William J. Bennett

44 Chinese Peoples in Canada (Chinese)

45 二战华裔老兵展珍藏 生命不仅为“见证”而存(Chinese Only)

46 A Brief History of Canada

47 The Map for Canadian Stories

48 Chinese Canadian Appointed to the order of Canada

49 Order of Canada

50 Multicultural Canada

51 Local Chinese History at the City of Toronto Archives

52 More to come……………………….