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每個人的人生中都面臨困難和挑戰。比如說,如果你是有色族裔,你可能更容易遭受歧視和欺淩。有些時候你感到失落沮喪,感到沒有人在乎你,這時你會做出怎樣的選擇? 你可以自暴自棄,也可以以積極的,建設性的方式面對挑戰,改善自己的處境。當你在這個世界上感到孤獨無助時,你可以做些什麼呢?


    • 1 Pigsty
      2 Boycotting Chinese businesses
      3 No White Waitresses
      4 Chinese exclusion act
      5 1907 Riot in China Town
      6 Salaries and Work

    • 1 Story of Chang Toy, BC
      2 Soccer team
      3 Marriage
      4 Georgae Ho Lem-Alberta
      5 Charlie Foo, Manitoba
      6 Electorial Participation

    • Pick a province and choose a story to read - e.g. Manitoba - Charlie Foo, British Columbia - Chang Toy, Alberta - George Ho Lem

    • Railway building--Salaries and Work

    • 1 Humiliation Day(video)
      2 Wong Fu Shing Case(Video)
      3 Chinese Strike

    • Chinese has a saying that you use power to fight, but use wisdom to win. There are many ways to achieve reconciliation: protest, strike, and roundtable discussions etc. The power used by Chinese Canadians to overcome discrimination and bring about changes in policy was by organizing themselves to negotiate and lobby the government and they succeeded.

    • James Wing-Montreal(picture)

    • PM's Apology

    • We congratulate you that you have completed the Lessons and Learn section. You demonstrate motivation and interest. I hope this journey in learning the Chinese Head Tax can bring you HOPE and ACTION to overcome social injustice and YOU ARE NOT ALONE!