Some Whites were so determined to get rid of the Chinese that they would sometimes harm other Whites’ interests. Because of Wong Junior’s influence, Old Wong bought a coffee shop where he employed two White waitresses.

White Clerk: “As from tomorrow, they are no longer allowed to work in your coffee shop!”

Old Wong: “But…why?”

White Clerk: “If they work for a Chinese owner, they must be whoring themselves to the Chinese!”

Old Wong:  “No! All they do is to serve coffee!”

White Clerk: “If you don’t fire them, you will lose your business license.”

Old Wong said to the waitresses: “I’m sorry, but I have to let you go…”

White Waitress: “Please Boss, we need this job!”

Old Wong: “I have no other choice.”

White Waitress: “This is not right. Let’s go protest!” (female voice)

The laid-off waitresses, supported by members of the Vancouver Mothers’ Committee, led a march and a protest in front of the City Hall.

“We need jobs.” “The Chinese coffee shops are being treated unfairly!” (male and female voice)

Both Old Wong and his son were saddened by the fact that such strong measures had to be taken, but at the same time, they felt comforted and reassured, as they felt they were beginning to gain more support through protesting. Discrimination and injustice should have no place in Canada!