All young people need a healthy release for all their energy. The Chinese youth of Vancouver were no exception. Having spent some time watching White boys playing soccer, a group of Chinese boys including Wong Junior and Chow Junior formed a team of their own.

At first, the White players teased the Chinese: “Hey look, those runts play soccer too!”
“Is the ball kicking them, or are they kicking the ball?” said another White player mockingly.

Wisely, Wong Junior ignored their offensive comments and, in a friendly tone, approached the White players: “Since we all like soccer, why don’t we play a match against one another?”

Taken aback by Wong’s approach, the White boys’ attitude slightly changed: “Sure! We’ll teach you how to play soccer properly!”

Wong Junior had a talent for shooting goals; he practiced everyday at home, so the Chinese side often won these matches.

“We lost again! You played really well! Guess that you’re not just a bunch of runts after all, eh? How about participating in the upcoming tournament?”
The White players started to respect this team of Chinese players.

Narration  “Vancouver Chinese Soccer Team won! The champions are the Vancouver Chinese Soccer team!”

In fact, they won five consecutive tournaments since the 1920s!!

The success of the soccer team motivated other Chinese youth to experiment in other sports, including hockey and football. Their success as sportsmen and athletes won the respect of Canadians across the country.

Other than actively participating in sports, the Chinese soon opened schools, started newspapers and formed a variety of associations. As they established a healthy relationship between their own community and others’, their influence grew in the Canadian social landscape.