It is 1957, and Wong Junior, dressed in his best suit and tie, was ready to go out.

Tom Wong: “Dad, where are you going today?”

Wong Junior: “I am going to Ottawa with Jean Wong and some other Chinese Canadians to meet Prime Minister John Diefenbaker. Did you know that he’s the first Canadian PM who is neither of British or French origins? He’s Ukrainian …so he knows best about all the discrimination in Canada!”

Tom Wong: “Wow! The Prime Minister… Why are you meeting with him?”

Wong Junior: “Because the fight for the rights of our community is not over …”

Tom Wong: “What do you mean?”

Wong Junior: “Under current immigration policy, one must be a citizen in order to sponsor his family, so that they can live here in Canada. Also, Chinese Canadian citizens can only sponsor unmarried minors or the elderly (those over the age of 65.) This is not right”

Tome Wong: “Yeah, it’s really unfair.”

In 1957, the government changed the regulations after the meeting.