One day in 1959, Wong Junior’s son ran into the house and shouted:

”What a big mess! The Royal Canadian Mounted Police is turning Chinatown upside down!”
Alarmed, Wong Junior asked, “What happened?”

“The RCMP had discovered that some Chinese are buying fake birth certificates to get into the country. They’re searching all over Chinatown and a lot of people are panicking.”

Wong Junior said, anxiously, “Civil war is raging in China. Many innocent people have no place to escape and since a lot of them are not allowed to enter Canada, they had no other choice than to use fake birth certificates. The government can’t treat it as a crime. I have to speak to Douglas Jung; this is just another form of discrimination.”

Following many discussions and consultations, the government concluded in 1960 that as long as these “paper sons” confessed to the authorities, they would neither be penalized nor deported. As a result, about 12,000 paper sons came forward until the amnesty period ended in October 1973.