One day in 1957, Wong Junior’s son, Tom Wong, ran back home very excited:

Wong Junior’s Son, Tom Wong: “Dad, your old war buddy Douglas Jung is running for Parliament! He is the first Chinese candidate running for the Parliamentary elections in Canada. We have to support him!”

Wong Junior: “In which electoral district is he running?”

Tom Wong: “Vancouver center district”.

Wong Junior: “Isn’t it joke?! How can a Chinese possibly become a government official in Canada? Besides, the other candidate MP Ralph Campney in that district is also a cabinet minister, a man with many experiences in politics. Douglas is young and inexperienced. How can he possibly win? He is going to bring shame on the whole Chinese community…”

Tom Wong: “Dad, you are far too pessimistic! We’re Canadians – we have the right to vote and to run for office!”

Wong Junior: “You’re probably right … When we were not yet citizens, we volunteered to join the army, fulfilling our civil responsibilities. Now, as Canadian citizens, our race is no longer an issue; we should work together for the future of our country,” replied Wong Junior.

Douglas Jung won the support of many voters and became the first MP of Chinese origins. Within the Chinese community, everyone was rejoicing. With tears in their eyes, the Wong men, and many others, declared: “Douglas Jung is our hero!” – And this was well before Douglas Jung’s nomination as Canada’s representative to the United Nations.

Narration:  Douglas Jung once told Wong Junior: “When I sat in the Canadian representative’s seat for the very first time, an usher came over and said, ‘I am sorry Sir, I think you’re sitting in the wrong seat – this is for the Canadian delegate.’  I replied, ‘Yes, I AM the Canadian delegate!’ As you can see, it is no small matter that a Chinese person is representing Canada at the United Nations.”

To commemorate Douglas Jung’s substantial contribution to Canada, Minister Jason Kenney in September, 2007 named the federal government building, located at 401 Burrard Street in Vancouver; the “Douglas Jung Building.”