It wasn’t long before Wong Junior figured out that the best way to integrate in the wider community was to find work outside of his father’s store. He had found a job in a factory and was soon caught up in the movement for workers’ rights much to his father’s dismay and anger.

“Shorter working hours!”
“No wage cuts!”
“Workers unite!”

Old Wong: “Junior! Stop this! It is not in the Chinese tradition to cause trouble! Even when we were working on the railway and facing hardships, we Chinese have refused to join the Whites when they went on strike!”

“Dad! We are unionized now, just like the Whites. We’re not causing any trouble; we’re just exercising our rights. Moreover, the power of Chinese laborers are not to be underestimated!”

“No wage cuts!”
“No wage cuts!”

As if to prove Wong Junior’s point, the factory owner finally conceded to the workers’ demands:

“As long as you keep on working, I guarantee shorter working hours and no wage cuts.”

“We’ve done it!” Wong Junior shouted in satisfaction.