One day in 1924, Old Wong closed the coffee shop earlier than usual and stepped out onto the street.

Wong Junior: “Dad, where are you going at this time of day?”

Old Wong: “I am going to protest!”

Wong Junior: “Protest? Is there a problem at the shop?”

Old Wong:“It’s much more serious than that … in fact, it’s a matter of life or death.
There is a man, Wong Fu Shing, a servant in a wealthy household, who is suspected of murdering the family’s White nanny. Even though the police found no evidence of his guilt, he was kidnapped in secret, and detained for six weeks, and they tortured him so that he would confess. The police officers and detectives involved in the kidnapping were accused, but yesterday they were released – and yet, Wong Fu Shing is still imprisoned!”

Wong Junior: “But dad, what could you possibly do to help? You’re not the judge…”

Old Wong: “I can go out and lend my voice to protest against such injustice!”

Wong Junior: “Aha, of course!”

The protest was so widespread, and fuelled by such vigor, that Wong Fu Shing was acquitted soon after and ultimately released from prison.