As Old Wong and other workers arrived in the Fraser Canyon,

they exclaimed: “Wow, it’s so cold!”

Most laborers, like Old Wong, came from China’s temperate Guangdong region. They were totally unprepared for the bitter cold that greeted them in the Fraser Canyon. Old Wong was wearing straw sandals when he arrived. To try to warm himself, he wrapped potato sacks around his feet, but he was still unable to fight the harshness of the weather. Very soon, Old Wong became sick.

Chinese Labourer:     “Apparently, Old Wong got a bad fever.”

Foreman:     “So? We have no money for medicine. So just let him rest in the tent. That is all we can do.”

Old Wong:    “Please, let me have something warm to eat!”

Foreman:     “We have very little food … only some dried fish… we have

to be careful with it.”

Chinese Labourer: “This poor man!  His family in China is depending on

him for their survival! He has to get well, so that he can work!”

Foreman:      “All right, give him a little more, then…”

A few of the laborers decided to forage for herbs, so that they could make traditional herbal medicine.

Chinese Laborer:  “Old Wong, we’re trying to help you get better. Drink this …”

Fortunately, the medicine worked. The fever broke and Old Wong gradually recovered.